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büyükbaş hayvan ahırı

Better digestion and nutrient absorption

Better animal health and higher performance

Keeps digestive system metabolically active

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More than just a mineral feed

Experience and Knowledge

Our team, which has 20 years of knowledge and experience in animal nutrition, has been acting according to a simple principle since our establishment. Our vision is to actively shape the future and turn our field experience and knowledge into reality. Collaboration with our customers through our products and consulting services makes us successful together!

Empathy & Openness

We know that relationships are not only important in the business arena. We care for them as you care for your animals. We care about our relationships with our partners to understand expectations and meet customer needs.

Innovation and Progress

In our research department, veterinarians, agricultural engineers and farmers work on new products and product concepts in a targeted manner. In addition to our own field trials, we also include the latest findings from international research. So, as our customer, you can be sure that our products offer you maximum innovation.

Ege Farm Agriculture and Livestock

Ege Farm Agriculture and Livestock aims to meet the ever-increasing need for products in the sector.

Our company continues its activities with a working principle that does not compromise on product quality and reliability values for the growth and profitability targets of its stakeholders. It aims to make efficient and low-cost productions for its customers with the precondition of compliance with the legal regulations and food safety conditions mutually established with its stakeholders.

About Us

Product Groups

We offer innovative products for your customized feeding concepts. With us you will find the right solution to achieve your ambitious farming goals.

josera performans ürünleri


Nurture success – We tell you how to do it.

josera bakım ürünleri


Care –
So that the herd stays in shape.

josera yalama kovaları

Licking Buckets

Proven quality – tried and tested in practice.

josera buzağı grubu ürünleri

Calf Group

Strong, fast and healthy growth through feeding.

josera buzağı mamaları

Calf Foods

Complete and complete nutrition with one feed: optimum health, rapid growth.

josera protein kaynağı yemler

Protein Source

The right feed choice determines the future. Make a strong start to the future.

josilac silaj inokulantları

Silage Inoculants

Josilac –
Quality pays off.

toksin bağlayıcılar

Toxin Binders

Superior protection even under harsh conditions.

Tips and Tricks

Different factors play a role in successful operation. There is a lot to consider, from feeding to keeping, to fertility and childbirth. We would like to support your company with our advice articles. If you have any questions, our specialist advisors will be happy to help you at any time.

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Do you need detailed information or advice? The more accurate you specify what interests you, the better we can deal with.

Advice Hotline: 09:00 - 18:00 / +90 232 832 06 02

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