Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital

Cattle supplementary feed. A maintenance-free package for the entire lactation period and continuous high performance.

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Are you concerned about the health and performance of your dairy cows? If so, Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital is just for you. This product is a delicious and beneficial supplementary feed for your dairy cows. Thanks to its special components, it supports your cows’ metabolism, immune system, rumen health, and feed utilization. As a result, your cows produce more milk, are better nourished, and fall ill less often.

Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital: A Leading Solution for Cow Health and Milk Yield

In the modern agriculture and livestock sector, the milk yield and overall welfare of healthy cows are among the top priorities for dairy producers. In this context, Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital®, an innovative product of the Josera brand, stands out as a leading feed supplement developed to support cow health and increase milk yield.

Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital is a supplementary feed developed for dairy cows. This feed contains a package of active ingredients called FlavoVital, derived from selected fruits and plants. FlavoVital is rich in polyphenols, natural compounds that protect cows’ cells and prevent inflammation. It also contains B vitamins and live yeast, which support cows’ metabolism and rumen health.

Josera FlavoVital Technology for Cow Health

Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital, designed to maintain and protect cow health, is a superior product thanks to its unique FlavoVital technology. Flavo Vital contains special components that strengthen the immune system and support digestive health. This makes cows more resistant to diseases and minimizes digestive problems, thereby improving overall welfare and making milk production more efficient.

Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital for High-Quality Nutrient Content

Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital stands out with its high-quality content. Carefully selected protein sources, essential vitamins, and minerals aim to fully meet the nutritional needs of cows. This is a fundamental requirement for healthy milk production. Special amino acids in the FlavoVital content increase cows’ energy levels and support milk production.

Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital for Increased Milk Yield and Economic Return

Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital offers dairy producers the opportunity to both maintain their cows’ health and increase milk yield. Healthy cows produce higher quality and quantity of milk, while the special formula of FlavoVital ensures cost-effective nutrition. This provides an important advantage in increasing the economic returns of dairy businesses.

Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital Usage Instructions and Reliability

Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital is notable for its easy usage and reliable results. The feed supplement, when used according to instructions, offers an effective solution to meet the nutritional needs of cows. The reliability of the product is backed by the quality and experience of the Josera brand.

Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital is a leading feed supplement designed specifically for the needs of modern dairy operations. It is an indispensable solution for dairy producers who want to support cow health, increase milk yield, and enhance economic returns. Supported by Flavo Vital technology, this product offers a bright vision for the future of cows and dairy businesses.

Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital is a feed specially designed for dairy cows. This feed contains high-quality protein, fiber, and vitamins to help keep dairy cows healthy and productive. Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital helps to increase milk yield, improve feed utilization, and support reproductive health.

Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital contains the following components to help maintain healthy dairy cows:

  • High-Quality Protein: Dairy cows need protein for milk production. Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital contains high-quality protein that helps increase milk production.
  • Fiber: Dairy cows need fibers to support digestive health. Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital contains fiber that helps support the digestive health of dairy cows.
  • Vitamins: Dairy cows need vitamins to stay healthy. Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital contains vitamins that help keep dairy cows healthy.

Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital is a specially designed feed that helps dairy cows stay healthy and productive. It aids in increasing milk yield, improving feed utilization, and supporting reproductive health.

Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital is a special feed containing FlavoVital® for a healthy rumen and high metabolic activity. Josera DairyPilot provides high performance and strengthens the body’s defense against inflammatory processes and oxidative stress.

Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital is an innovative, maintenance-free package for the entire lactation period and continuous high performance. Along with the plant-based active ingredient package FlavoVital®, it also contains B vitamins and live yeast. Josera DairyPilot is a unique composition proven in various trial farms with over 6000 cows, a result of Josera research.

Advantages of Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital

  • robust and durable
  • increased milk yield and feed performance
  • better animal welfare
  • higher profits

What is Josera FlavoVital® Technology?

Josera FlavoVital Technology is a revolutionary step in maintaining and protecting cow health. This technology represents a special combination of components that form the basis of the Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital product. Josera FlavoVital Technology, which strengthens the immune system and supports digestive health of cows, is the key to healthy cows in modern livestock farming.

Josera FlavoVital Technology consists of a carefully selected mix of special components obtained from natural sources. These components support the immune system of cows while also regulating their digestive system. The primary goal of the technology is to make cows more resistant to diseases and minimize digestive problems, thereby optimizing their overall health condition.

An important aspect of Josera FlavoVital Technology is also increasing the energy levels of cows. Having more energy in cows increases milk yield while also improving their overall welfare. This enables dairy producers to maximize economic returns with healthier cows and efficient milk production.

The Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital product leverages the power of FlavoVital Technology. This technology has been developed to meet the needs of modern dairy operations and provide dairy producers with the necessary tools for sustainable and successful business management. FlavoVital Technology is about redefining cow health and stepping towards a healthier future.

How Does Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital Work?

Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital has various positive effects on the health and performance of cows, including:

  • High body defense against inflammation processes and cell stress: The polyphenols in FlavoVital strengthen the cell membranes of cows and fight free radicals. This reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, strengthening the immune system and increasing disease resistance.
  • Stable metabolism and high metabolic activity: B vitamins ensure energy production and hormone balance in cows. Live yeast increases the activity of rumen microorganisms and stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes. This keeps the metabolism of cows stable and high-performing.
  • Efficient rumen and stable pH value: Live yeast suppresses lactate-producing bacteria in the rumen and supports lactate-consuming bacteria. This keeps the rumen pH value stable and reduces the risk of acidosis. Live yeast also increases bacteria that break down fibrous feed in the rumen, helping cows utilize fibrous feed better.
  • High feed consumption and improved feed utilization for effective energy use: Due to its delicious taste, Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital encourages cows to consume more feed. Additionally, the improved metabolism and rumen health allow cows to extract more nutrients from the feed. This meets the energy needs of cows and increases milk yield.

Your Advantages with Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital

Using Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital offers several advantages for dairy cows, including:

  • Higher milk yield and better feed performance: Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital increases feed consumption, feed utilization, and energy usage in cows. As a result, cows produce more milk and are better nourished.
  • Better animal welfare: Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital protects the cells of cows, prevents inflammation, and strengthens the immune system. Consequently, cows are healthier and happier.
  • Higher profit: Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital improves the health and performance of cows, thereby increasing milk production and quality. This leads to higher milk revenue. Additionally, the risk of disease and treatment costs for cows are reduced, raising profit margins.
crude protein 10.00%
saturated fat 4.00%
crude fiber 11.00%
raw ash 25.00%
calcium 5.00%
phosphorus 0.30%
sodium 3.00%
magnesium 1.00%
Analytical Components

Frequently Asked Questions about Josera DairyPilot FlatoVital®

  1. What is Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital®?
    Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital® is a feed additive specially developed for dairy cows.

  2. What Ingredients Does Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital® Contain?
    This product contains plant-based active ingredients, B vitamins, and live yeast.

  3. What Are the Benefits of Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital®?
    It increases the herd’s durability, improves milk yield and feeding performance.

  4. Which Animals is Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital® Suitable For?
    It is suitable for use throughout the entire lactation period of dairy cows.

  5. How is Josera DairyPilot FlavoVital® Used?
    This feed additive is added to the daily feeding routine of cows.

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Weight 20 kg
Main Application

Preparing for Birth
Calf Rearing
Beef Farming

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