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Cattle Feed & Health

Innovative products for the healthy and species-appropriate breeding and care of livestock.

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Agricultural Harvesting Knives

In agriculture, premium blades that improve your harvesting performance.

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Silage Inoculants

First class silage additives used to increase milk productivity with proper nutrition and improve silage quality.

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Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Premium liquid organic fertilizer of animal origin containing amino acids, organic carbon, organic nitrogen and organic matter vital for plants.

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DR. eckel

Toxin Binder

Effective mycotoxin binder for animals.

Calf Group

Ege Farm draws attention to the importance of animal nutrition with Josera’s development and health-oriented calf group feeds. This category includes a variety of products, each offering carefully selected nutrients to support the healthy growth of calves.

Special product with immunoglobulins to strengthen the body’s defenses.

Electrolytes that improve the content of milk and calf food to increase the vitality and stamina of calves.

Ideal complementary feed for producing calf rations on the farm.

Calf Food

Josera Calf foods are characterized by high digestibility, immune system supportive properties and provide the energy young animals need. This category includes Josera Calf Food, specially formulated to provide the energy, protein, vitamins and minerals that young animals need.

Josera Milk&Fat is a milk replacement feed designed for calves. It supports fast and healthy growth of calves.

Josera Supramil for a softer weaning.

It is a milk substitute specially developed for calves, suitable for use after colostrum.

Josera GoldenSpezial, Premium calf food for use from the first three weeks of life. Especially recommended for single kenneled animals.


Ege Farm aims for excellence in animal nutrition with its performance products. This category offers products to enhance the performance of cattle and calves by improving milk yield and general health.

Josera DairySafe with LSP security for a higher performing liver.

Cattle supplementary feed. A maintenance-free package for the entire lactation period and continuous high performance.

Protein Source

Ege Farm offers a special feed supplement for dairy cows and beef cattle with a fully developed rumen with its “RumiN” product as a protein source. This product helps to optimize the performance of your herd by improving the health status of animals. This category contains the product Josera RumiN.

Josera RumiN is a urea-containing feed supplement for dairy cows and beef cattle with a fully developed rumen.

Toxin Binders

Superior protection even under harsh conditions – Toxin binder binds mycotoxins that may occur in compound feeds, roughages and feed raw materials at high levels. It prevents the absorption of mycotoxins from the digestive system and ensures that they are harmlessly eliminated from the body. This category contains Josera MycoBond.

Josera MycoBond is a mycotoxin binding complementary feed that supports animal health.

Vitamin-Mineral Additives

Vitamin-mineral supplements play a critical role in animal nutrition. These additives help to improve the overall health, reproductive capacity and growth rates of animals. This category includes Josera BullenProfi and Josera LactoPlus EXTRA products.

Premium mineral feed for fattening cattle.

A premium supplementary mineral feed added to the rations of high-yielding dairy cows.

Licking Buckets

Licking buckets are an important source of food for cattle. These buckets meet the mineral and vitamin needs of animals and are essential for healthy growth and development. Licking buckets come in different sizes and different materials. You can choose a licking bucket that suits your needs. This category includes Josera mineraleimer plus.

Josera Mineraleimer Plus is a reliable, mineral supplement for cattle. Licking bucket with vitamins and trace elements.

Silage Inoculants

Josilac silage inoculants are biological additives used in silage production. Josilac contains specially selected lactic acid bacteria to improve the quality, freshness and nutritional value of silage. This category includes josera josilac ferm, josera josilac combi and josera josilac classic products.

Josera Josilac Ferm specializes in maize silage among our organic silage additives.

Organic silage additive for the processing of silaged material. Versatile.

Organic silage additive for processing silaged material – premium product for the best silage.

Feed Harvester Blades

Forage Harvester Blades are designed for efficient and fast harvesting of forage crops in the agricultural sector. These blades are made from durable materials and can easily cut and process plants thanks to their sharp edges. This category includes feed harvester saw blades, feed harvester cutting bars and feed harvester chopping blades.

A sharp and durable solution for your agricultural machinery with Forage Harvester Saw Blades.

Forage Harvester Counter Blades; durable, long-lasting, and provide superior sharpness.

Forage Harvester Chopping Blades provide superior performance in feed harvesting cutting with its sharp and durable structure.

Harvester Blades

The blades for the MWS Combine harvester offer high performance and durability, increasing the efficiency of the harvesting process. These knives are characterized by their ability to cut and process various agricultural products. This category includes combine harvester machine straw chopper blades and harvester machine cutting blades.

Durable Combine Harvester Straw Chopper Blades increase efficiency in agriculture.

Combine Harvester Cutting Blades provide sharp and long-lasting performance in agriculture. Their durable structure increases efficiency.

Corn Picking Knives

MWS Premium blades are the ideal choice for the high demands of extreme harvesting conditions and the associated heavy stress on the machines. We have a wide range of products for corn trays manufactured by Capello, CNH, Claas, Fantini, New Holland, Laverda, Olimac, Oros and others. This category includes corn picker sail blades and corn picker handle roller blades.

Durable Corn Harvester Sail Blades provide excellent cutting and efficiency.

Durable and sharp Corn Harvester Stalk Roller Blades ensure efficient harvesting.

Baler Blades

The agricultural technology used requires strong and reliable components: High-quality knives, especially on round and square balers, have a significant impact on the exact cut and thus the quality of the chopped material. This category includes round baler knives and square baler knives.

Round Baler Machine Blades provide superior sharpness and durability during the baling process.

Superior blades for Square Baler Machines; offer effective cutting, long life, and durability.

Loading Wagon Blades

High-quality components are crucial for reliable and efficient agricultural technology and machinery. When the crop is cut in the loading wagon, a precise cut has a significant impact on feed and litter quality. MWS Premium loader wagon blades are therefore the right choice. This category contains the product loader wagon blades.

Blades designed for Loading Wagons; sharp, durable, and efficient.

Feed Mixer Wagon Blades

MWS Premium blades provide a reliable cutting performance when used in a feed mixer wagon. The exact cutting of the feed in the feed mixing wagon does indeed have a significant impact on the quality of the crushed material. This category includes feed mixer wagon knives and feed mixer wagon milling knives products.

Blades designed for Feed Mixing Wagons are durable, sharp, and long-lasting. They streamline the feed processing process in livestock farming and reduce costs.

Milling blades used in Mixer Wagons provide superior performance and durability.

Silo Lifting Blades

MWS Premium blades have been perfected for use in silage block cutters and cutting frames. The blades ensure a clean separation of the feed mass. The precision of the exact cut has a significant impact on the quality of the minced material. This category includes silage cutting-sharpening knives and silage block cutter knives.

Silage Cutting and Shaving Blades, with their high-performance and durable construction, boost efficiency in livestock farming. They are sharp and have a long lifespan.

Silage Block Cutter Blades offer high sharpness and durability in livestock enterprises. They are ideal for efficient silage cutting.

Anifamin Liquid Organic Fertilizers

Anifamin is a liquid organic fertilizer that contains amino acids and proteins of animal origin, ensuring healthy and efficient growth of plants. This category includes Anifamine’s premium liquid organic fertilizer with high quality amino acids

Premium liquid organic fertilizer of animal origin, containing high quality amino acids.

Dr. Eckel Toxin Binders

Dr. Eckel Toxin Binders are highly effective mycotoxin binders for all animal species. Thanks to its unique formula, it effectively binds a wide variety of mycotoxins, especially aflatoxins, and prevents clinical and sub-clinical mycotoxicosis poisoning due to mabatara. This category contains the product Dr. Eckel Toxin Binder.

Highly effective. Selective. Protective. Powerful. Protective shield against mycotoxins.

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