Josera BullenProfi

Premium mineral feed for fattening cattle.

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Josera BullenProfi is an excellent choice for those seeking quality and efficiency in cattle feeding. Josera BullenProfi is a specially designed feed supplement to meet the mineral requirements, one of the most important factors in cattle nutrition.

Josera BullenProfi: The Assurance of Beef Cattle Breeders

Josera BullenProfi contains many essential components for cattle nutrition. Among these are phosphorus, magnesium, live yeast, trace elements, B vitamins, and selenium, all of which are necessary for the health and productivity of cattle. Josera BullenProfi provides these components in a balanced manner and is enriched with tasty herbs. This increases the cattle’s appetite and improves their digestion.

Providing mineral support in cattle nutrition is crucial for the health and performance of animals. However, there are some points to consider when providing mineral support. One of them is that the mineral feed should be suitable for the ration. The composition of the mineral feed should change according to the content of the ration. For example, rations with soybean meal for protein supplementation require more phosphorus. Therefore, it is necessary to use a mineral feed suitable for such rations.

Josera BullenProfi is a mineral feed specially designed for rations with soybean meal for protein supplementation. This product contains magnesium to prevent the calcium-phosphorus imbalance caused by soybean meal with high phosphorus content. It also contains components such as live yeast, trace elements, B vitamins, and selenium that strengthen the animal’s immune system and improve digestion. Thus, Josera BullenProfi provides appropriate mineral support for cattle nutrition, protects their health, increases resistance to diseases, regulates the digestive system, and enhances growth rates.

Using Josera BullenProfi helps you achieve important indicators such as the highest daily weight gain and excellent carcass quality. Josera BullenProfi provides you with high-quality minerals and active ingredients. High-quality additives such as live yeast ensure the optimal performance and well-being of your animals.

Feeding Recommendation for Josera BullenProfi

JOSERA 1000 to 100 feeding concept:

The mineral needs of beef cattle are determined based on daily weight gain. The most effective way to determine the appropriate mineral ratio is the 1000 to 100 formula. For every 1000 grams of weight gain, 100 grams of mineral feed should be used. For a gain of 1600 grams, 160 grams of mineral feed should be used. The JOSERA feeding concept “1000 to 100” has been developed for this reason.

Thanks to this performance-focused and needs-based feeding, animals are optimally fed during their growth, while avoiding excess nutrients harmful to the environment.

Feeding Recommendations:

This complementary feed is supplemented with high amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and trace elements. It should be given to beef cattle at a rate of 100-200 grams per animal per day.

120 – 160 grams for Initial Feeding
160 – 200 grams for Continuous Feeding
150 – 120 grams for Finishing – Aim for: 100 grams of mineral feed per 1000 grams of live weight gain

What Josera BullenProfi Offers You

  • High palatability and consumption
  • More secure feed rations and rumen stabilization with essential nutrients
  • Suitable for rations containing soybean meal
  • All-in-one mineral feed
  • Optimal supply for cattle with the 1000 to 100 feeding concept

Your Advantages with Josera BullenProfi

The biggest advantage of Josera BullenProfi is that it offers all these components in a single product. This allows cattle feeders to provide the necessary mineral support with a single product instead of using different products. Other advantages of Josera BullenProfi include:

  • Modern, innovative feeding concept
  • Balances rations and provides rumen stabilization
  • Especially suitable for rations with soybean meal for protein supplementation
  • Provides optimal nutrition for cattle and prevents excess nutrients harmful to the environment
  • Increases daily live weight gain, ensuring economic success
Calcium %22.00
Phosphorus %2.50
Sodium %6.00
Magnesium %6.50
Ca/P Ratio 8.8:1
Analytical Components

Frequently Asked Questions About Josera BullenProfi

  1. What is Josera BullenProfi?
    Josera BullenProfi is a premium mineral feed designed for fattening cattle.
  2. What are the main components of Josera BullenProfi?
    BullenProfi contains various minerals essential for the healthy development of the animals.
  3. What are the benefits of Josera BullenProfi?
    It meets the mineral needs, improving the general health and growth performance of cattle.
  4. For what situations is Josera BullenProfi suitable?
    It is particularly suitable for meeting the mineral needs of fattening cattle.
  5. How is Josera BullenProfi used?
    This product is added to the daily feed rations of cattle.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Main Application

Fattening cattle

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