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Josera Josilac Ferm specializes in maize silage among our organic silage additives.

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Josera Josilac Ferm is a biological silage additive used in silage production. Josera Josilac Ferm enhances the quality of silage by facilitating fast and efficient fermentation, thereby improving its quality. Josera Josilac Ferm can be used for ensiling maize, grass, clover, and other plants.

Josera Josilac Ferm: A Natural Solution for Sustainability in Livestock Farming

Josera Josilac Ferm is a biological silage additive used to improve the fermentation process of silage. Josilac Ferm contains high concentrations of homofermentative and heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria. These bacteria enable faster and more effective fermentation of silage. Josera Josilac Ferm enhances silage quality, reduces nutrient losses in silage, and provides more nutritious feed for animals. Furthermore, Josera Josilac Ferm prevents spoilage and allows for longer storage of silage.

Josera Josilac Ferm is designed to enhance the quality of silage used as animal feed. Silage plays a significant role in feeding farm animals during the winter months. Josera Josilac Ferm helps prolong the shelf life of silage and preserve its nutritional value. Additionally, by accelerating the fermentation process of silage, it inhibits the growth of unwanted microorganisms, thereby improving silage quality and ensuring healthy animal nutrition.

The fermentation process of silage involves the conversion of sugars present in the forage crop into lactic acid by lactic acid bacteria. This process helps preserve silage by lowering its pH. However, the abundance and activity of lactic acid bacteria depend on factors such as the type of forage, harvesting time, and conditions. Therefore, relying solely on naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria in silage making can be risky, as these bacteria might not be present in sufficient numbers or the right species. In such cases, the fermentation of silage can be compromised by undesirable microorganisms, leading to decreased quality, nutritional value, and digestibility of silage.

How to Use Josera Josilac Ferm?

Follow these steps to use Josera Josilac Ferm:

  • The product comes in 100-gram soluble packets. Each packet is sufficient for 50 tons of forage.
  • Open the packet and mix the contents with 10 liters of non-chlorinated water.
  • Transfer the mixture into a spray pump.
  • Attach the spray pump to a forage harvester.
  • While the harvester is in operation, evenly spray 0.4 to 2 liters onto the forage. If using micro-dosing technology, spray between 50 to 100 ml onto the forage.
  • Ensure that the water temperature is between 18 to 30°C.
  • Consume the mixture within 48 hours of preparation.
  • Ensure a dry matter content of 30% to 60%.
  • Keep the silo closed for at least 6 to 8 weeks.

You can use Josera Josilac Ferm for the following forage crops:

  • Maize
  • CCM (Maize Cob Mix)
  • Whole plant silage
  • Grass
  • Material ensiled for biogas production

Josera Josilac Ferm Main Application Range

Grass > 30% DM Maize silage Whole-crop silage Silage for biogas production CCC ULV
••• •• •• •••

Advantages of Josera Josilac Ferm

Using Josera Josilac Ferm in silage production offers several advantages:

  • Higher energy value: Josera Josilac Ferm efficiently converts sugars in forage into lactic acid, preventing energy losses. This results in an increased metabolic energy value of silage.
  • Higher protein value: Josera Josilac Ferm inhibits the breakdown of proteins by unwanted microorganisms, reducing protein losses. This preserves the crude protein value of silage.
  • Higher digestibility: Josera Josilac Ferm lowers the pH of silage, creating a suitable environment for microorganisms in the digestive system. This increases the digestibility of silage.
  • Better preservation: Josera Josilac Ferm accelerates silage fermentation, reducing preservation time. As a result, silage quality is maintained until the silo is opened.
  • Better aroma and taste: Josera Josilac Ferm prevents the formation of unpleasant odors and tastes caused by undesirable microorganisms. This increases animals’ appetite for silage.
  • Preservation of nutritional value: Josera Josilac Ferm prevents protein losses in silage, preserving its nutritional value.
  • Protection against heating and mold formation: Josera Josilac Ferm inhibits the growth of unwanted microorganisms, preventing heating and molding of silage. This ensures long-term quality preservation.

Advantages of Josera Josilac Ferm in silage used for feeding:

  • Reduced feed losses: Josera Josilac Ferm reduces feed losses by maintaining stability in silage exposed to air (high aerobic stability).
  • Healthy, fresh, and cool feed: Josera Josilac Ferm minimizes secondary heat fermentation losses, ensuring healthy, fresh, and cool silage.
  • Improved feed quality: Josera Josilac Ferm enhances feed quality by reducing the growth of unwanted microorganisms such as yeast and mold, which can negatively affect animal health.

Advantages of Josera Josilac Ferm in fermentation substrates for biogas production:

  • Reduced dry matter loss: Josera Josilac Ferm reduces dry matter loss, ensuring the continuity of valuable starting materials for gas formation.
  • Reduced energy loss: Josera Josilac Ferm minimizes energy loss when silage is exposed to air or subjected to fermentation (high aerobic stability).
  • Higher gas yield: Josera Josilac Ferm increases gas yield by enhancing the proportion of acetic acid and 1,2-propandiol, which are precursors to methane production.

Frequently Asked Questions about Josera Josilac Ferm

  1. What is a DLG test?
    The DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft) test is used to assess the quality and effectiveness of feed additives. It uses various criteria to determine the quality and effectiveness of additives. Josera Josilac Ferm has also been tested by DLG.
  2. What is Safety-Effect?
    Safety-Effect is a feature of Josera Josilac Ferm. This feature prevents the growth of unwanted microorganisms in silage, ensuring animal health.
  3. Which forage crops is Josera Josilac Ferm suitable for?
    Josera Josilac Ferm can be used for ensiling maize, grass, clover, and other plants.
  4. How is Josera Josilac Ferm applied?
    Apply the prepared mixture by spraying onto the forage at a rate of 1 liter per ton of silage.
  5. What is the shelf life of Josera Josilac Ferm?
    The shelf life of Josera Josilac Ferm depends on storage conditions. You can store it in its unopened original packaging at room temperature for 6 months, in the refrigerator for 12 months, and in the freezer for 24 months. Make sure to check the expiration date before using the product.

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg

Effective protection against reheating in the silo
High protection against mould and spoilage
Significant reduction of losses

For long-lasting silage freshness and minimum loss of dry matter – included in Josilac® ferm

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