Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Premium liquid organic fertilizer of animal origin, containing high quality amino acids.

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Characteristics of Anifamine

The organic carbon in its content provides energy to plants, while organic nitrogen and amino acids improve the structure of the soil. Thus, the plant becomes stronger.

Increases plant, soil and crop fertility. It can be foliar and soil applied.
In soil applications, it increases the fertility of the soil by improving the microorganism activity in the soil and extends the shelf life of the product;

It helps to accelerate the uptake of nutrients. Increases the water holding capacity of the soil, promotes rooting.

Advantages of Anifamin

Anifamin is a liquid organic fertilizer that promotes the natural growth of plants. The organic nitrogen, organic carbon and organic matter it contains ensures healthy and efficient growth of plants.

Powerful Plants

Anifamine makes plants grow healthy and fast. The organic matter and nutrients it contains support plant nutrition and growth.

Improves Quality

Anifamine improves soil structure and increases the water holding capacity of the soil. In this way, it better meets the water needs of plants and promotes root growth.

High Durability

Anifamine makes plants more resistant to diseases. The amino acids and organic substances it contains strengthen the immune system of plants and provide protection against diseases.

Productivity Increase

Anifamine increases the productivity of plants. It enables plants to bear more fruit and improves crop quality.

Durable Roots

Organic nitrogen promotes root development of plants. Plants with stronger and healthier roots can get more nutrients from the soil and grow better.

Fast Growth

Organic nitrogen accelerates nutrient uptake by plants. Plants receive more nutrients, supporting the growth process and increasing productivity.

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Anifamin are special fertilizers that support the healthy and productive growth of your plants. These fertilizers maximize your agricultural productivity by providing the nutrients plants need in a balanced way. Thanks to their innovative formulas, they support plant growth and maintain soil health. Anifamin offers cost and time savings to agricultural professionals, helping them to create a more sustainable and economical farming practice. Find the best solutions for your agriculture and livestock activities with Egefarm and discover more with our customized offers. Please visit the contact page of our website to find our contact details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is liquid organic fertilizer of animal origin?

It is a fertilizer produced from animal waste that provides plant nutrients naturally.

What are the benefits of this fertilizer for plants?

Improves soil fertility and promotes plant growth and development.

What are the methods of implementation?

It can be applied through irrigation systems or directly to the soil.

Is it suitable for use in organic farming?

Yes, it is ideal for sustainable and organic farming practices.

Where can I get more information?

You can contact us via our contact form.

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