Josera VitalTrunk

Electrolytes that improve the content of milk and calf food to increase the vitality and stamina of calves.

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As a farmer, the health and productivity of your animals are of utmost importance to you. Therefore, you want to provide them with the best nutritional support. However, this may not always be easy. Especially in the first weeks of your calves, their digestive system is not fully developed yet, which can lead to poor nutrient absorption and a weak immune system. This can make them vulnerable to diseases and growth retardation. This is where Josera VitalTrunk comes in. Josera VitalTrunk is a high-quality milk powder product that supports the healthy and rapid growth of calves. Josera VitalTrunk contains all the essential nutrients that calves need. These include protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and prebiotics.

Josera VitalTrunk: Calf Electrolyte Replenisher

Electrolyte losses often occur during diarrheal diseases, but they also play a role after stressful situations caused by heat, transportation, or regrouping. Electrolyte loss leads to acidification of the blood, which causes weakness and reduced suckling motivation. During calf diarrhea, the depletion of water and electrolytes can result in the worst-case scenario of calves becoming weak and dying. Josera VitalTrunk helps compensate for losses of sodium, potassium, and chloride. High levels of available glucose work as an energy booster. In addition to vitamins and trace elements, all of these help the calf overcome diseases or stressful situations.

Healthy Digestive System with Josera VitalTrunk

Josera VitalTrunk contains special ingredients that help strengthen the calf’s digestive system. These include:

  • Probiotics: Live microorganisms that regulate the calf’s intestinal flora and prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria.
  • Milk Protein: A protein source that can be easily broken down by calf digestive enzymes and has a high biological value.
  • Fat Spheres: Small fat droplets that enhance calf fat absorption and provide energy.

Thanks to these components, Josera VitalTrunk contributes to the development of the calf’s digestive system. As a result, calves absorb nutrients better and are protected from digestive problems such as diarrhea.

Strong Immune System with Josera VitalTrunk

Josera VitalTrunk contains important vitamins and minerals that support the calf’s immune system and increase its resistance to diseases. These include vitamins A, D3, E, and C, as well as trace elements like zinc, copper, selenium, and iron. These vitamins and minerals strengthen the calf’s defense mechanisms and provide antioxidant effects. Additionally, the probiotics in Josera VitalTrunk have a positive effect on the immune system.

Calves fed with Josera VitalTrunk become more resistant to infections and require less antibiotic use. This improves both animal welfare and farm economics.

Feeding Recommendations for Josera VitalTrunk

Applications of Josera VitalTrunk:

Josera VitalTrunk is a special product for three different applications:

  • Used to improve natural cow’s milk for calves.
  • Can also be used as an electrolyte supply in the normal feeding program for calves.
  • Used for dairy cows after giving birth.

For Calves:

To enhance the value of fresh milk – 20 grams of Josera VitalTrunk per liter of milk.

Calves need high amounts of vitamins and trace elements that they cannot get from natural milk. Therefore, we recommend balancing your calves with low doses of Josera VitalTrunk to feed them optimally.

As an Electrolyte Drink:

40 grams of Josera VitalTrunk per liter of water.

Calves lose a lot of fluids and weaken due to diarrhea. To balance fluid losses and increase calf vitality, we recommend mixing Josera VitalTrunk with water and feeding it to calves with 1-1.5 liters of liquid after the main feeding.

For Dairy Cows:

As a supplementary drink – 500 grams of Josera VitalTrunk, along with 20 liters of water.

After giving birth, significant changes occur in animals (changes in hormonal balance and metabolism, fluid loss, empty space in the abdomen after birth, etc.).

Untreated animals are at increased risk of metabolic disorders, abomasal displacement, and infertility. Josera VitalTrunk compensates for fluid loss at this critical stage, supports metabolism and fertility. It is recommended to administer Josera VitalTrunk mixed with 30°C water to the animal immediately after birth. Make sure to provide enough fresh water afterwards.

Feeding Recommendations:

This feed supplement can be fed up to 20% of the daily ration in calves due to its high vitamin A, D3, and trace element content; in cows and horses, it can be fed up to 2.5% of the daily ration.

What Josera VitalTrunk Provides You With

  • Rapid access to energy.
  • Replenishing electrolyte balance.
  • Safe and user-friendly in critical feeding situations.
  • Highly palatable formula.
  • Easily soluble.
  • Complete and adequate supply.

Advantages of Josera VitalTrunk

  • Universal application (electrolyte for fresh milk and calf feed).
  • Healthy and active calves.
  • High acceptability.
  • Fast consumption saves time.
crude protein 1.50%
saturated fat 1.20%
crude fiber 0.00%
crude ash 16.50%
sodium 4.50%
potassium 1.30%
chloride 6.00%
HCl insoluble ash 3.50%

Analytical Components

Frequently Asked Questions About Josera VitalTrunk

  1. What is the special formulation of Josera VitalTrunk?
    Josera VitalTrunk is a product formulated with special components to support the health of large animals. You can find detailed information about these components on our website.
  2. For what situations is Josera VitalTrunk suitable?
    Josera VitalTrunk is particularly suitable for animals in growth and development stages.
  3. What are the health benefits provided by Josera VitalTrunk?
    Josera VitalTrunk helps to improve the overall health condition of animals by meeting their energy needs.
  4. How should Josera VitalTrunk be used?
    Usage instructions and recommended dosages are detailed on the product packaging.
  5. What are the packaging options for Josera VitalTrunk?
    Various package sizes are available, and details can be found on our website.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Main Application

Colostrum phase
Drinking phase
Dairy cow directly after birth

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