Josera GoldenSpezial

Josera GoldenSpezial, Premium calf food for use from the first three weeks of life. Especially recommended for single kenneled animals.

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Calf rearing is a crucial stage for milk and meat production. High-quality calf feed is essential for the healthy and productive growth of calves. Josera GoldenSpezial stands out as a prominent calf feed among calf feeds. Josera GoldenSpezial is a calf feed developed by Josera, one of Germany’s leading animal feed producers. This product is a completely natural and high-quality blend containing all the nutrients that calves need. Josera GoldenSpezial is designed to support calves during and after the weaning period.

Josera GoldenSpezial: Top-Quality Milk Replacer for Strong Calf Immunity

Josera GoldenSpezial is a milk replacer specially designed for use from the first three weeks of a calf’s life. It is a whey-based milk replacer with high-quality active ingredients designed to provide optimal immune function and intestinal integrity. Rapid calf growth leads to lower rearing costs, early first calving age, secure rearing with fewer calf losses, less time loss due to consistent feed consumption, and quick adaptation to automatic feeding systems.

Josera GoldenSpezial allows feeding immediately after the colostrum stage thanks to its composition of easily digestible protein and health-enhancing components. It contains additional immunoglobulins and ß-Carotene for the calf’s own defense. Immunoglobulins enhance the body’s natural resistance, while the initial phase of vitamin A ensures a healthy intestinal epithelium and imparts a rich golden color instead of milk.

Advantages of Josera GoldenSpezial include excellent protection and rapid growth effect, effective immune system enhancement, protection against diarrhea through reduced microbial pressure in the intestines, a highly palatable and perfectly soluble formula, high efficiency through metabolic programming, and suitability for both single-phase and multi-phase feeding.

Application of Josera GoldenSpezial

130-150 g Calf feed / 1 liter of water

Preparing the milk replacer in a bucket / milk cart:

  1. Pour 1/3 of the total water into the container (bucket, milk cart) at a temperature of 45-50°C.
  2. Add the calf feed while stirring – 130 g/l of feed.
  3. Add the remaining water (2/3) and continue stirring. The ideal temperature of the mixture should be 40°C.

Recommended ratio for automatic feeders:

130-150 g / Liter of water, Calf feed

Weaning can be initiated when the calf starts consuming 1.5 kg of concentrated feed per day.

Please pay attention to the following steps:

  1. Clean and disinfect the calf huts.
  2. Use Josera Desan to reduce pathogenic microbes.
  3. Use Josera Colostrin immediately after birth, along with colostrum.
  4. Approximately 4-6 liters within the first 12 hours after birth.
  5. Ensure equipment cleanliness.
  6. Provide clean water and Josera Kalberkost from the second day.

Feeding Recommendations for Josera GoldenSpezial

Calves can be fed with milk replacer feeds for the first 6 months only. Feeding temperature should be 38–40°C; the dosage should be 125 grams/1 Liter.

What Josera GoldenSpezial Provides You With

  • Excellent protection and rapid growth
  • Immune system enhancement
  • Protection against diarrhea through reduced microbial pressure in the intestines
  • Highly palatable and perfectly soluble formula
  • High efficiency through metabolic programming
  • Suitability for both single-phase and multi-phase feeding

Josera GoldenSpezial has several features that set it apart from other calf feeds. These features include:

  • High protein content: Josera GoldenSpezial contains 22% protein. This protein is essential for calf muscle development, immune system support, and digestive health. Only high-quality dairy products are used as the protein source.
  • Balanced energy level: Josera GoldenSpezial contains 19.5% fat to meet the calf’s energy needs. This fat helps calves maintain body temperature and cope with stress. Only plant-based fats are used as the fat source.
  • Rich vitamin and mineral content: Josera GoldenSpezial contains sufficient amounts of the vitamins and minerals necessary for the healthy growth of calves. Especially, vitamins A, D, and E, along with minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, and copper, are prominent. These vitamins and minerals are crucial for calf bone development, vision, skin health, and resistance to infections.
  • Special additives: Josera GoldenSpezial contains special additives to support calf digestion and immunity. These include probiotics, prebiotics, plant extracts, and flavor enhancers. Probiotics regulate the intestinal flora, prebiotics help feed probiotics, plant extracts strengthen the immune system with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and flavor enhancers make the feed more appealing to calves, increasing their appetite.

Advantages of Josera GoldenSpezial

  • Fast calf growth, resulting in lower rearing costs
  • Early first calving age
  • Secure rearing with fewer calf losses
  • Less time loss due to consistent feed consumption
  • Quick adaptation to automatic feeding systems

Thanks to the features listed above, Josera GoldenSpezial offers numerous benefits. These benefits include:

  • Rapid growth: Josera GoldenSpezial ensures fast and healthy growth by providing all the necessary nutrients for calves. Calves fed with this product gain more weight in a shorter time and show better development.
  • Low mortality: Josera GoldenSpezial strengthens the calf’s immune system, protecting it against diseases. Calves fed with this product experience fewer infections, diarrhea, respiratory diseases, and metabolic disorders. This reduces mortality rates and increases the chances of survival.
  • High productivity: Josera GoldenSpezial ensures that calves perform well during and after the weaning period. Calves fed with this product reach sexual maturity earlier, have better reproductive potential, and produce more milk or meat.
crude protein 22.00%
saturated fat 19.50%
crude fiber 0.04%
crude ash 8.20%
lysine 1.90%
calcium 0.90%
phosphorus 0.70%
sodium 0.70%

Analytical Components

Frequently Asked Questions About Josera GoldenSpezial

  1. What is Josera GoldenSpezial?
     Josera GoldenSpezial is a whey-based milk substitute product containing high-quality active ingredients.
  2. What are the main ingredients of Josera GoldenSpezial?
    This product contains 10% skimmed milk powder, beta-carotene, and immunoglobulins.
  3. What is the packaging size of Josera GoldenSpezial?
    GoldenSpezial is available in 25 kg packages.
  4. What should be considered when using Josera GoldenSpezial?
    Proper mixing ratios and water temperature should be observed.
  5. Are there any special recommendations for using Josera GoldenSpezial?
    Recommended settings and usage instructions for automatic feeders are available.

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