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Josera Supramil for a softer weaning.

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Josera Supramil is a specialized milk replacer developed for calves. Its high-quality protein, fat, and vitamins contribute to the healthy growth and development of calves. Josera Supramil strengthens the calves’ immune system, protects against diarrhea and other diseases. Additionally, Josera Supramil supports the calves’ digestive system and is easily digestible.

Josera Supramil is particularly suitable as a second milk replacer in an innovative two-stage Complete Milk Replacer (CMR) feeding. It is characterized by easily digestible whey protein and selected plant proteins. The plant components contain elements that stimulate the development of digestive enzymes during the drinking stage. This facilitates the transition to solid food and reduces stress when weaning from milk replacer. We recommend using it from the fourth week of the animal’s life.

Josera Supramil is essential for the healthy growth of calves. This product is specially designed to assist in the healthy growth of calves. Josera Supramil contains all the necessary nutrients to support calves’ healthy growth.

The use of Josera Supramil helps ensure the healthy growth of calves. This product contains all the necessary nutrients to support calves’ healthy growth.

Josera Supramil Feeding Recommendation

Application of Josera Supramil

130-150 grams of Calf feed / 1 liter of water

Preparation of the feed in a bucket / milk tank:

  1. Pour 1/3 of the required water into the bucket/tank at a temperature of 45-50°C.
  2. Add the feed while stirring. 130g/l of feed
  3. Add the remaining water (2/3) at drinking temperature. The feed’s drinking temperature should be 40°C.

Settings for automatic feeders:

130-150 g / Liter of water, Calf feed Weaning process from milk can start as soon as the calf consumes 1.5 kg of concentrated feed. Please note the following:

  1. Clean and disinfect the calves’ huts.
  2. Use Josera Desan to reduce pathogenic microbes.
  3. Provide Colostrum as soon as possible after birth, along with Josera Colostrin. Approximately 4-6 liters in the first 12 hours of life.
  4. Thoroughly clean the equipment.
  5. Provide fresh water and Josera Kalberkost from the second day.

Josera Supramil feeding recommendations:

Calves can be fed with milk replacer feeds for the first 6 months only. Feeding temperature should be 38–40°C; the dosage should be 125 grams/1 Liter.

Benefits of Josera Supramil

  • Economical and reliable high daily gain during rearing
  • Quick transition to solid feeding
  • Faster weaning from milk

Advantages of Josera Supramil:

  • Activates enzymes
  • Easily soluble
  • High stability
  • Protection against diarrhea by reducing intestinal microbial pressure
  • An economical feed that can be used as a replacement for milk in the second phase. Suitable for multi-stage feeding
crude protein %21.00
saturated fat %17.00
crude fiber %0.54
crude ash %8.40
lysine %1.80
calcium %0.85
phosphorus %0.75
sodium %0.60
Analytical Components

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Josera Supramil?
    Josera Supramil is a suitable milk substitute product for two-stage CMR feeding.

  2. What are the Main Components of Josera Supramil?
    It contains easily digestible whey protein and selected plant protein.

  3. What are the Benefits of Josera Supramil?
    It promotes the development of digestive enzymes and facilitates the transition to solid foods.

  4. What is the Packaging Size of Josera Supramil?
    It is offered in 25 kg packages.

  5. What is the Effect of Josera Supramil on Health?
    It reduces the risk of weaning off milk and aids digestion.

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