Josera Mineraleimer Plus

Josera Mineraleimer Plus is a reliable, mineral supplement for cattle. Licking bucket with vitamins and trace elements.

Packaging type:

1,25 kg
6,25 kg 
12,5 kg
25 kg

Providing the essential minerals, vitamins, and trace elements in a sufficient and balanced manner plays a crucial role in animal nutrition for the health and performance of animals. Therefore, it is important to offer a source where animals can easily obtain these essential nutrients they need. Josera Mineraleimer Plus is a high-quality and practical product developed for this purpose.

Josera Mineraleimer Plus: High-Quality Lick Bucket for Cattle

Josera Mineraleimer Plus is a high-quality lick bucket fortified with vitamins for cattle. Primarily used as a tasty licking compound for grazing cows to meet their mineral, trace element, and vitamin needs. It is highly durable against weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting freshness and taste.

Josera Mineraleimer Plus is designed as a lick bucket in the shape of a product to meet the mineral, vitamin, and trace element requirements of animals. This product is suitable for dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep, and goats, especially. Josera Mineraleimer Plus has a special formula that increases animals’ licking desire and regulates consumption, allowing animals to obtain the necessary nutrients as they need.

Application of Josera Mineraleimer Plus

Josera Mineraleimer Plus is suitable for use in the rations of cows grazing in low-quality pastures.

Feeding Recommendation for Josera Mineraleimer Plus

Can be given up to 1% of the daily feed ration.

  • Dairy cows: 100 – 200 grams
  • Heifers: 60 – 120 grams
  • Horses: 100 – 150 grams

Attention! The product contains copper and is not suitable for sheep feeding.

Features of Josera Mineraleimer Plus

  • Ca/P = 3.8:1
  • Easy-to-digest minerals and trace elements
  • Vitamins
  • Tasty sugar cane
  • Rumen-protected selenium (Se-Protect®)
  • Attention! Contains copper – Not suitable for sheep feeding

What Josera Mineraleimer Plus Offers You

  • Highly resistant to weather conditions
  • Tasty sugar cane
  • Highly absorbable minerals
  • Trace elements

Advantages of Josera Mineraleimer Plus

  • Healthier animals
  • Reliable consumption levels
  • Reliable supply
Calcium %15.00
Phosphorus %4.00
Sodium %8.50
Magnesium %4.00
Ca/P Ratio 3.8:1
Analytical Components

Frequently Asked Questions About Josera Mineraleimer Plus

  1. What is JOSERA Mineraleimer Plus?
    It is a high-quality licking block for cattle, enriched with vitamins.
  2. What are the benefits of JOSERA Mineraleimer Plus?
    It meets the mineral and vitamin needs and supports the health of cattle.
  3. How is JOSERA Mineraleimer Plus used?
    It is presented in pastures for cattle to freely lick.
  4. Which animals is JOSERA Mineraleimer Plus suitable for?
    It is particularly suitable for cattle fed in pastures.
  5. How soon are the effects of JOSERA Mineraleimer Plus observed on animals?
    Benefits can be observed shortly with regular use.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Main Application

Early dry period
Young cattle
Suckling cows

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