Josera DairySafe

Josera DairySafe with LSP security for a higher performing liver.

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Josera DairySafe is a specialized animal feed product developed to increase the milk yield of cows and support their health. It contains high-quality proteins and carefully selected nutrients. It supports digestive system health with components that aid digestion. Additionally, thanks to the innovative Liver Support Package (LSP) active ingredient package, it helps reduce the risk of ketosis, which is the most common disease in cows. It is an ideal choice for cows to achieve peak performance.

Josera DairySafe Cow Feed: An Effective Solution for the Health and Productivity of Dairy Cows

Dairy cows are high-performance animals today. However, this performance comes at a cost: ketosis. Ketosis is a disease that occurs as a result of the excessive accumulation of fatty acids in the metabolism of cows and has many negative effects. Cows with ketosis reduce their feed intake, become more susceptible to udder and hoof diseases, experience fertility problems, decrease milk production, and increase the rate of early culling. All of these result in significant economic losses for dairy producers.

So, what can we do to prevent or treat ketosis? Josera DairySafe provides the answer to this question. Josera DairySafe contains an innovative active ingredient package called LSP, which supports liver functions in cows and helps eliminate or better metabolize excess fat. Thus, Josera DairySafe prevents the formation of ketosis or improves existing ketosis.

Innovation Reducing Ketosis Risk: Special Formula with LSP

Today, ketosis is one of the most common metabolic diseases in high-performance cows. This disease can lead to economic losses. Josera DairySafe aims to reduce the risk of ketosis with its innovative Liver Support Package (LSP) active ingredient package. This active ingredient package contains a special combination of rumen-protected active substances. It supports liver functions, helps effectively metabolize excess fat, and maintains the health of cows.

Result: Healthy Cows, Quality Milk

Josera DairySafe offers comprehensive solutions to dairy cattle breeders for raising healthy cows and producing quality milk. With its special content, it has positive effects on milk yield, quality, and cow health. Increasing the efficiency of cows is the key to sustainable agriculture, and Josera DairySafe will help you achieve this goal.

As a result, Josera DairySafe provides the following benefits:

  • Lower susceptibility to diseases
  • Improved fertility
  • Higher feed consumption for higher performance
  • Lower culling rate

Your Advantages with Josera DairySafe

  • Increases feed consumption: Josera DairySafe improves cows’ feed intake and digestion. This allows cows to consume more nutrients and meet their energy needs.
  • Increases milk yield and quality: Josera DairySafe increases milk production and the fat, protein, and lactose content of milk. This results in both higher milk quantity and quality.
  • Improves health condition: Josera DairySafe strengthens cows’ immune systems and enhances their resistance to infections. It also contributes positively to udder, hoof, and uterine health.
  • Enhances reproductive performance: Josera DairySafe increases cows’ heat detection rate and fertility. This makes it easier for cows to conceive and give birth to healthier calves.

Feeding Recommendation for Josera DairySafe

  • From 3 weeks before calving to 5 weeks after calving: 200 g/cow/day
  • For the next lactation to support high milk production: 100–200 g/cow/day

It is recommended to consult a nutritionist before feeding. Josera DairySafe can be used to recover from ketosis damage.

Crude protein %12.50
Saturated fat %54.00
Crude ash %6.50
Methionine %4.50
Sodium %0.80
Analytical Components

Frequently Asked Questions About Josera DairySafe

  1. What is Josera DairySafe?
    Josera DairySafe is a special feed additive designed to support metabolic health and liver functions in high-performance cows.
  2. What are the main components of Josera DairySafe?
    DairySafe includes the innovative active component package LSP.
  3. What are the benefits of Josera DairySafe?
    It reduces susceptibility to diseases, improves reproductive performance and feed intake.
  4. For what situations is Josera DairySafe suitable?
    It is used to support liver health and prevent metabolic diseases in high-yielding cows.
  5. How is Josera DairySafe used?
    This product is added to the daily feeding routine of cows.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Main Application

Birth preparation
During the fresh period and the first 3 months of lactation.

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