Josera LactoPlus EXTRA

A premium supplementary mineral feed added to the rations of high-yielding dairy cows.

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To ensure productive and healthy dairy cows, attention must be paid to their nutrition. In addition to basic and mixed feeds, supplementing with mineral feed is also essential. Mineral feeds provide dairy cows with the necessary nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and yeast. This enhances the cows metabolism, immune system, reproductive performance, and overall quality of life. Josera LactoPlus EXTRA is a premium mineral feed for high-performance dairy cows.

Josera LactoPlus EXTRA: Perfect Mineral Feed for Dairy Cows

The health and productivity of dairy cows depend on their nutrition. A high-quality ration should contain all the nutrients that animals require. However, sometimes regular feeds may not be sufficient. In such cases, supplemental mineral feeds added to the ration of dairy cows can help them lead a healthy and profitable life.
Josera LactoPlus EXTRA is a top-quality supporting mineral feed added to the rations of high-yielding dairy cows. This product has been developed by Josera, one of Germany’s leading animal feed manufacturers. Josera LactoPlus EXTRA contains special components that support vital functions in animals, including digestion, metabolism, immunity, udder health, and fertility.

Features of Josera LactoPlus EXTRA

Josera LactoPlus EXTRA stands out for the following features:

  • Contains an active ingredient formula called Keragen Longlife®. This formula ensures that the cow leads a long, healthy, and profitable life. It promotes healthy hooves, udders, metabolism, and fertility.
  • Contains live yeast, which improves rumen microflora and supports the digestive system.
  • Contains rumen-protected B vitamins (B-Protect®), biotin, and selenium (Se-Protect®). These vitamins and minerals strengthen the immune system, preserve udder health, and help manage stress.
  • Contains zinc, manganese, and copper glycine chelates in 50% organic form. These trace elements have high bioavailability and are essential for growth, reproduction, and overall health.
  • Contains 5,000 mg of vitamin E. This antioxidant vitamin protects cell membranes, reduces inflammation, and enhances resistance to infections.

Advantages of Josera LactoPlus EXTRA

There are many advantages to using Josera LactoPlus EXTRA:

  • Increases milk yield and quality. Josera LactoPlus EXTRA improves the cow’s milk protein and fat content. It also reduces the somatic cell count in milk and lowers the risk of udder infections.
  • Maintains animal health. Josera LactoPlus EXTRA maintains the balance of the digestive system and prevents problems like acidosis. It also prevents cow hooves from breaking, udder cracking, and metabolic diseases.
  • Enhances animal fertility. Josera LactoPlus EXTRA strengthens signs of heat in animals and increases fertility. It also meets the nutritional needs of animals during pregnancy and accelerates postpartum recovery.
  • Helps animals cope with stress. Josera LactoPlus EXTRA reduces stress hormone levels in animals and strengthens the immune system. It also increases tolerance to heat stress and prevents productivity loss due to heat stress.

How to Use Josera LactoPlus EXTRA

The feeding recommendation for using Josera LactoPlus EXTRA is as follows: 10 g/kg for 1 kg of dry matter. As milk yield increases, the dosage also increases. For example, a cow producing 25 kg of milk per day should consume 17 kg of dry matter. In this case, it is recommended to give 170 g of Josera LactoPlus EXTRA per animal per day. The packaging weight of the product is 25 kg.
Josera LactoPlus EXTRA is an excellent mineral feed for the health and productivity of dairy cows. By using this product, you can ensure that your animals lead long, healthy, and profitable lives. Enhance the performance of your dairy cows with Josera LactoPlus EXTRA!

Josera LactoPlus EXTRA Feeding Recommendation

Josera LactoPlus – Keragen®Longlife is suitable for rations with a high calcium content (corn or clover or clover with grass silage, pressed pulp).
Feeding recommendation: 10g/kg for 1 kg of dry matter.
15 kg of milk (13 kg of D): 130 g
25 kg of milk (17 kg of D): 170 g
35 kg of milk (21 kg of D): 210 g
45 kg of milk (25 kg of D): 250 g

Correct Usage Instructions:
This supplementary feed contains high levels of vitamins A and D3, trace elements, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It should be given to milking cows at a rate of 100-200 g per animal per day.

What is Keragen®Longlife?

Keragen®Longlife is an innovative Josera active ingredient formula for the long, healthy, and profitable life of cows:

  • Healthy hooves
  • Healthy udders
  • Regular metabolism

Keragen®Longlife offers the following benefits for your dairy cows:

  • Highly usable organic trace elements (glycine chelates)
  • Rumen-stable selenium
  • Rumen-stable B vitamins (B-Protect)
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Biotin

Your Advantages with Josera LactoPlus EXTRA

  • Healthy hooves and udders
  • Secure supply with JOSERA recommendations (10g/kg DM)
  • More milk
  • Longer lifespan
  • Improved fertility
  • Healthier animals
calcium %22.00
phosphorus %2.5
sodium %6.00
magnesium %25.00
Ca/P= %8.8:1

Analytical Components

Frequently Asked Questions About Josera LactoPlus EXTRA

  1. What is JOSERA LactoPlus EXTRA?
    JOSERA LactoPlus is a mineral feed additive developed for dairy cows.
  2. What are the main benefits of JOSERA LactoPlus EXTRA?
    JOSERA LactoPlus is designed to enhance the lifetime performance of dairy cows, support healthy hoof and udder health, and ensure excellent reproductive capability.
  3. How should JOSERA LactoPlus EXTRA be used?
    As a feeding recommendation, it is compatible with calcium-rich rations and should be given in a certain amount depending on the daily milk yield per cow.
  4. Which animals is JOSERA LactoPlus EXTRA suitable for?
    It is suitable for high-yielding dairy cows.
  5. How is JOSERA LactoPlus EXTRA used?
    It is given in a specific dose based on the daily milk yield.

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Weight 25 kg
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