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Special product with immunoglobulins to strengthen the body’s defenses.

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The first hours of life are crucial for a calf. After birth, calves need to receive an adequate amount of colostrum to strengthen their immune system and protect against diseases. Colostrum can be defined as the first milk that comes before the mother’s milk. This milk is rich in nutrients such as antibodies, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that calves need. However, sometimes mothers cannot produce enough or quality colostrum, or calves may not suckle enough. In such cases, Josera Colostrin comes into play.

Josera Colostrin: A Special Supplement for Calves

Josera Colostrin is a supplementary feed designed to support the immune system of calves. Colostrum is the first milk that calves receive from their mothers and contains a high amount of immunoglobulins. Immunoglobulins are antibodies that help calves fight pathogens. Additionally, Josera Colostrin is important for the healthy growth and development of calves. Colostrum contains all the nutrients that calves need and helps them grow healthily. This product also strengthens the calf’s digestive system and provides protection against diseases like diarrhea.

Josera Colostrin makes calves more resilient against diseases by supporting their immune system, ensuring healthy growth, and enabling them to live long and healthy lives. The quality of colostrum can vary depending on factors such as time, milk quantity, cell count, and season, so Josera Colostrin plays an important role in filling these gaps. During this sensitive period, it addresses deficiencies by providing immunoglobulins, lactic acid bacteria, vitamins, and essential trace elements to calves.

Josera Colostrin is a product that contributes significantly to the health and development of calves.

Feeding Recommendations for Josera Colostrin

Applications of Josera Colostrin

1st feeding: Immediately after birth (max: 2 hours), mix 100 grams of Josera Colostrin (1 packet) directly into fresh colostrum or calf milk replacer.

2nd feeding: On the 3rd day after birth, mix 100 grams (1 packet) into fresh colostrum or calf milk replacer.

3rd feeding: Use 3rd dose of Josera Colostrin (1 packet) again a few days later to mitigate the risk of diarrhea.

How Josera Colostrin Works

Josera Colostrin works on the principle of the “lock and key system.” Pathogens are neutralized by binding to immunoglobulins. As a result, the natural immune system is strengthened, and diarrhea is prevented.

It supports the weak points in the calf’s immune system with the “safe-immunity” effect.

Stage 1: Josera Colostrin (daily given immunoglobulins with milk)

Stage 2: Josera GoldenSpezial / Josera Brillant-CalfCare (daily given immunoglobulins with milk)

Proper Use Instructions for Josera Colostrin

Only 100 grams should be given daily to calves until they are 6 months old.

Benefits of Josera Colostrin

  • Supports the immune system of calves.
  • Ensures healthy growth of calves.
  • Ensures a healthy digestive system for calves.
  • Protects calves against diseases like diarrhea.
  • Improves the quality of life for calves.
  • Enables calves to live long and healthy lives.

Josera Colostrin Provides You With

  • A strong immune system.
  • Protection against infections.
  • High acceptability for consumption.
  • Immune-boosting milk or colostrum supplementation for immunity.
  • Vitamins and trace elements.
  • A quick source of energy.
  • Probiotics.

Advantages of Josera Colostrin

  • Healthy, resilient calves.
  • High survival rate for calves.
  • Rapid recovery from diseases in calves.
  • High antibody content: Josera Colostrin contains a high amount of antibodies (IgG) necessary to support the immune system of calves. These antibodies increase the calf’s resistance to various infections and contribute to their healthy growth.
  • Easy preparation and application: Josera Colostrin can be easily prepared by mixing it with warm water. This mixture can be given to calves via bottle or tube feeding within the first 6 hours after birth, ensuring that calves receive colostrum quickly and effectively.
  • Long shelf life: Josera Colostrin is a product that can be stored at room temperature and maintains its freshness for up to 24 months. This allows you to have it on hand at all times and use it when needed.
  • High digestibility: Josera Colostrin is formulated to be suitable for the calf’s digestive system. It reduces the risk of diarrhea as it has a low lactose content and balances intestinal flora due to its probiotic content.
crude protein 30.00%
saturated fat 3.00%
crude fiber 0.00%
crude ash 6.50%
calcium 0.50%
phosphorus 0.50%
sodium 0.50%

Analytical Components

Frequently Asked Questions About Josera Colostrin

  1. What is Josera Colostrin?
     Josera Colostrin is a complementary feed containing specific immunoglobulins for newborn calves to strengthen their immune system.
  2. What are the benefits of Josera Colostrin?
    Colostrin strengthens the immune system, provides vitamins and trace elements, delivers quick energy, and contains probiotics.
  3. How is Josera Colostrin used?
    It is added to the calf’s colostrum in the first feeding, within 2 hours after birth. Usage recommendations are available for the third day and in cases of diarrhea.
  4. What are the packaging sizes of Josera Colostrin?
    Colostrin is available in 1 kg and 5 kg packages.
  5. For what special situations is Josera Colostrin suitable?
    It is recommended for situations of insufficient colostrum quality and to meet the vitamin and trace element needs during the first few days.

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