Josera RumiN

Josera RumiN is a urea-containing feed supplement for dairy cows and beef cattle with a fully developed rumen.

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Josera RumiN is a specialized feed containing urea to balance nitrogen deficiency in negative RNB rations. It provides rapidly available nitrogen and a high level of soluble starch. This allows for the reduction of protein feeds such as soybean or canola meal in high-energy rations. Josera RumiN assists in optimizing the ration and reducing feed costs.

Dairy cows require a balanced and quality nutrition program to achieve high yields. One of the crucial components of the nutrition program is the protein source. Protein provides the essential amino acids needed for the growth, reproduction, health, and milk production of dairy cows. However, not all protein sources are equal. Certain protein sources are more advantageous than others in terms of digestibility, amino acid profile, cost, and environmental impact.

Josera RumiN serves as a high-quality protein source for dairy cows. Josera RumiN is 100% plant-based and does not contain soy or palm oil. It contains a high level of digestible crude protein (85%) and essential amino acids (lysine, methionine, threonine). By enhancing microbial protein synthesis in the rumen of dairy cows, Josera RumiN facilitates absorption in the intestines. Josera RumiN is specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of dairy cows.

Josera RumiN Feeding Recommendation

Application of Josera RumiN

Josera RumiN provides nitrogen rapidly available with negative RNB in rations containing highly digestible starch. Protein sources such as soybean or canola meal can be preserved in energy-rich rations. Rumi N improves ration quality and reduces feed costs. Proper use of Josera RumiN requires ration calculation for a balanced NXP and RNB ratio and a balanced protein/energy source.

Josera RumiN Feeding Recommendation

Josera RumiN is suitable for dairy cows and beef cattle with a fully functional rumen only!

Maximum use of Josera RumiN: It should not exceed 1.5% of the daily ration dry matter.

Josera RumiN for dairy cows: Up to 300 grams per animal per day

Josera RumiN for beef cattle:

During the main feeding period: Up to 100 grams per animal per day

At the end of the feeding period: 150 grams per animal per day

The maximum urea amount for dairy cows is 120 grams. For beef cattle (main feeding period), the maximum urea amount is 40 grams. Consideration should also be given to the urea content in other feeds. Introduce the product gradually and prepare a homogeneous TMR mixture. Ensure/provide sufficient energy.

Do not feed calves RumiN or urea-containing (TMR) (Total Mixed Ration).

Josera RumiN Feeding Recommendations

This supplementary feed contains a high amount of urea compared to regular feeding. Therefore, the quantity used in the feeding of dairy cows and finished beef cattle, which have completed rumen development, should be limited to a maximum of 1.5% of the daily dry matter intake. The daily usage for adult animals should be limited to 120 grams of urea per animal.

Usage note: 100-300 gr / Per animal

100 grams of Josera RumiN = 40 grams of urea (minimum amount)

300 grams of Josera RumiN = 120 grams of urea (maximum amount) Usage recommendation for partial substitution of soybean meal, canola meal, and/or sunflower seed meal:

300 grams of Josera RumiN + 700 grams of grains = 1 kg soybean meal

200 grams of Josera RumiN + 800 grams of grains = 1 kg canola/sunflower seed meal The potential substitution amount should be calculated based on the feeding ration. It depends on the RNP and UDP content in the feed, as well as feeding components such as milk yield. The application of Josera RumiN requires:

a) uniform distribution in the feed mixture (TMR ration),

b) gradual adaptation,

c) a feeding ration containing an adequate amount of fast energy source (above 25% starch and sugar).

Josera RumiN Provides You With

  • Reduction in feed costs by saving on expensive soybean meal or other protein feeds
  • Easy application
  • High milk yield

Advantages of Josera RumiN

The use of Josera RumiN offers numerous advantages for dairy cows. Some of these include:

  • Enhances milk yield and quality: Josera RumiN meets the protein needs of dairy cows, thereby enhancing milk yield and quality. Dairy cows fed with Josera RumiN produce more milk fat, protein, and lactose. Additionally, Josera RumiN’s high lysine content positively affects cheese yield.
  • Supports health and productivity: Josera RumiN supports the health and productivity of dairy cows. Cows fed with Josera RumiN are in better condition, experience fewer illnesses, and have longer production periods. Josera RumiN also improves pregnancy rates and birthing success.
  • Reduces costs: Josera RumiN is cost-effective. Cows fed with Josera RumiN consume less feed and generate more income. It also reduces dependence on expensive and imported protein sources like soybean.
  • Environmentally friendly: Josera RumiN is an environmentally friendly protein source. Its production does not involve deforestation or animal slaughter. Moreover, Josera RumiN reduces ammonia formation in the rumen, contributing to lower methane emissions.
crude protein %118.00
NPN (non-protein nitrogen) free protein %115.00
saturated fat %2.50
crude fiber %3.00
crude ash %23.00
calcium %3.50
phosphorus %0.20
sodium %3.50
magnesium %1.50
Analytical Components

Frequently Asked Questions About Josera RumiN

  1. What is Josera RumiN?
    Josera RumiN is a feed supplement containing urea, specifically developed for dairy cows and fattening cattle with a fully developed rumen.
  2. What are the main components of Josera RumiN?
    RumiN is a feed supplement that contains important components like urea.
  3. What are the benefits of Josera RumiN?
    This feed supplement supports healthy development by meeting protein needs.
  4. For what situations is Josera RumiN suitable?
    It is specifically designed for high-yielding dairy cows and fattening cattle.
  5. How is Josera RumiN used?
    RumiN is added to the daily feed rations of animals.

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